A roundup of this week’s new Apple product announcements

During yesterday morning’s special press event, Apple introduced a host of new product announcements, along with some restructuring and repricing in their product lines (you can now get a new iPad for a little as $250, and a new Mac mini for $500). Here are the highlights, along with availability information (as best we can determine—we will update this post as details emerge):

  • Apple iPad Air 2 familyiPad Air 2:The big…

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Deal of the Week | Oct. 17th, 2014: Multi-Tip Portable USB Charger for $5.99

Concept Green Multi-Tip Portable USB Charger for $5.99 at Connecting PointThis charger puts you in charge—of when and where you recharge your devices. Fill it up with juice at the nearest convenient USB port, and you’re ready to replenish on the fly.

Tips are included for the three major types of USB connectors: 30-pin dock connector, Mini-USB, and Micro-USB.* The integrated charging gauge lets you know when it is ready to go. And it even has a handy little LED…

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Apple Special Event | October 16, 2014, 10 am PDT: “It’s been way too long.”

Apple’s highly anticipated special event, taking place later this morning, will be streamed live. Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later.

ZipKord 500CMIX4 Retractable Multi-Tip Car Charger for $2.99Here’s another handy little gadget to add to your ever-ready bag of travel tools: A multi-tip, multi-purpose car charger with a space-saving retractable cord.

Now if you need to juice up your Bluetooth earpiece, or GPS, or cell phone, you’ve got ;a single solution for many, many devices.

The ZipKord usually sells for 10 bucks, but while supplies last, we’re letting it go for a low $2.99. Find out…

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Deal of the Week| Oct. 3rd, 2014: Two-Port USB Car Charger for $1.99

2-Port-USB-Car-Charger-3-colors-640x600Sleek. Fast. Beautiful glossy finish. And available in your choice of vibrant colors.

We talking sports cars? Nope. We’re talking this week’s Deal: a two-port USB car charger, in your choice of red, black, or white, at a laughably low price ($1.99).

So while these chargers would look right at home in the toniest of luxury vehicles, they’re priced somewhere south of Yugo territory. And not only…

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Deal of the Week | Sept. 26th, 2014: Kensington PowerBolt Fast Charge iPhone Car Adapter for $9.99

Kensington PowerBolt 1.0 Fast Charge & Sync Car Adapter for $9.99

No longer must you worry about your iPhone going dead in the car. Because this week’s DOTW brings a brand-name charger and Lightning cable to you for less than 10 bucks.

Kensington has been making high-quality Apple accessories for over 30 years. This is not your run-of-the-mill cheap Asian knockoff, but a quality-built, reliable product.

So forget about your iPhone’s battery charge indicator,…

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SUPPORT BULLETIN: iPhone 6, 6 Plus users may lose cellular service, Touch ID after iOS 8.0.1 update

Apple iOS 8 logoA number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users are reporting issues with their devices after updating to iOS 8.0.1. Specifically, they have been experiencing loss of cellular service and/or the ability to use Touch ID. Until Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 “in the next few days,” which fixes the issue, they have posted a workaround on the Apple support site:

“We have a workaround for you if you have an…

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Deal of the Week| September 19th, 2014: 25% off all Bluetooth speakers in stock

25% off all Bluetooth speakers in stockEarbuds and headphones are wonderful for private listening, but sometimes you want an audio experience that’s a bit more…communal.

Maybe you want to share some music out on the deck with the family. Or listen to some tunes at the campground or your favorite fishing hole. You probably already own a darned good music source—your smartphone or tablet or iPod touch. All you need is a simple,…

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COMING SOON: Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus; pre-order yours Friday, Sept. 12th

Pre-order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Connecting Point 09.12.14

Get the latest Apple® iPhone® from the people who know Apple best: Connecting Point, your local Apple Specialist. Beginning from the moment we open on Friday, September 12th, we’ll accept pre-orders for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both products will begin shipping the following week, on September 19th.

Want more information? We’ve got a handy form for that.

Apple, the Apple logo, and…

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LIVE EVENT [VIDEO]: Apple to stream this morning’s “Wish we could say more” event live

Apple invitation to special live event September 9, 2014

Mysterious evite Apple sent to press for today’s event.

Apple live event to be held September 9, 2014 at Flint Center, Cupertino

Overhead shot of mysterious “white box” Apple built at the Flint Center, Cupertino. (Photo credit Fortune.com)

In a departure from recent events, Apple will be streaming this morning’s big news live from the Flint Center in Cupertino, beginning at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Apple is rumored to be introducing a new iPhone (or two?), and possibly a…

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