Deal of the Week | Apr. 18, 2014: 25% Off All iPhone Cases in Stock

All iPhone cases in stock are 25% offYou already own one of the finest mobile devices in the world. (And if you don’t, we can help with that.) Why not dress and protect it in the case it deserves?

Our latest Deal of the Week is a blanket, storewide discount – and it’s a doozy: 25% off every single iPhone case we carry.

This includes cases for the latest Apple® iPhone® models from leading industry manufacturers like Incipio,…

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Connecting Point’s Medford location closed Easter Sunday (April 20)

Connecting Point closes just five days a year - and this coming Sunday is one of them…

Connecting Point’s email is down, but here’s an alternate method of contacting us

SERVICE BULLETIN: Our Medford location had a mysterious, destructive power outage and surge over the weekend. One casualty was our mail server, which suffered a fried logic board. This server provides email service for both our Bend and Medford locations. As a result, we’ve been unable to send or receive email at any of our “” addresses.

We’ve got a replacement logic board coming in…

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Connecting Point partners with Verizon; expands offerings to mobile hotspots – and Apple iPhone

Verizon WirelessThere has been a seismic shift in computer technology: First, from desktop to notebook, and now – more and more commonly - to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. So it only makes sense that we should wade into the fray.

And oh boy, have we ever.

If you’re ready to switch to or upgrade your iPhone or iPad, add another family member to your plan, change your plan completely, trade in your…

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Connecting Point proudly supports 13th ashland independent film festival (aiff) | Apr. 3-7, 2014

The ashland independent film festival is five days of the highest-quality independent film, held in historic 

The time is World Backup Day. Do you know where your files are?

World Backup Day 2014Don’t be an April Fool. Be prepared: Back up your files today, March 31st – World Backup Day.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if everything on your computer, tablet, or phone went away – permanently disappeared – 30 seconds from now. This is not some rare nightmare scenario. Devices are manmade, and things made by the hand of man must someday fail. It is known.

In other words, it’s…

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No ‘Deal of the Week’ this week | March 28, 2014

Our ever-popular Deal of the Week is on Spring Break this week. Look for the cavalcade of bargains to resume April 4th.

Deal of the Week | Mar. 21, 2014: Compact USB AC Charger $4.99

Compact USB AC Adapter for $4.99If you have a device that charges through a USB connection, you no doubt already have an AC charger for it.

But it might be nice to have a backup. One you can leave in the garage, or at the office, or in your totally-not-scary cabin in the woods. This week’s DOTW fits the bill nicely: Sturdy, compact, with a nifty collapsible AC plug that folds into the charger’s body.

Also, it comes in a Zune box

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Deal of the Week | Mar. 14, 2014: Six-foot v1.4 HDMI cable $4.99

Six-foot v1.4 HDMI cable for $4.99Happy π* day, everyone! In honor of this hallowed event, we offer 3.14 reasons why you should be excited about this week’s DOTW:

  • This is not your father’s HDMI cable. It adheres to the latest, most stringent standards: v.14, 3D television compatible, and support for resolutions above 1080p, all the way to 4K.
  • The connectors at each end are gold plated. Gold, baby. Gold.
  • We’re selling it for a…

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Vintage 1985 TV commercial for Apple IIc, featuring former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan

The quality of the recording is far from great (it’s a VHS transfer), but the content is pure gold…