Take it easy, take it slow…and be careful: Enjoy this Labor Day.

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Connecting Point’s ‘Head Back with a Mac Sale’ – Free Canon All-in-One; no-interest 18mo. financing

Connecting Point's 'Head Back with a Mac Sale' - FREE Canon PIXMA All-in-One, plus special financingSummer’s almost gone. Time to head back to school. Head back to work. Time to Get. Stuff. Done.

And the best way to get stuff done? A new Mac from Connecting Point.

And getting one is now both easy and affordable: For a limited time, Connecting Point’s offering special financing and terrific incentives.

Canon PIXMA MX472 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax

Canon PIXMA MX472 All-in-OneWireless inkjet office solution features an Automatic Document…

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Experiencing battery issues with your iPhone 5? Find out if you qualify for a free replacement.

Apple Inc. launched an iPhone battery replacement program today. Apparently, a “very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.

Apple History: Original iMac bowed on this date in 1998…and the tide was turned.

Original Apple iMac from 1998, in Bondi blueConsidering how high the company flies today, it’s sobering to recall the lows Apple hit in the 1990’s. Apple spent the bulk of that decade frantically scrambling to come up with a hit, introducing one failed product after another: a digital camera, a portable CD audio player, powered computer speakers, a gaming console (no, really), and a bizarre set-top box for television. CEO John Sculley bet…

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Deal of the Week | August 15th, 2014: LED Solar Flashlight for $4.99

LED Solar Flashlight for $4.99You are roused from a deep sleep by your spouse, elbowing you in the ribs.

“What the…” you begin to mumble, groggily.

Shhh! I heard a noise downstairs,” your spouse whispers.

At once, you’re wide awake, in a state of hyper-alertness, courtesy evolution and the fight-or-flight reflex it perfected. You reach for the flashlight on your nightstand, flick the switch, and…

Nothing. Darkness. And the…

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VIDEO: Apple intros two ‘Your Verse’ iPad TV spots, telling new personal stories

The first spot is titled ‘Yaoband’s Verse,’ and follows a Chinese musical group as they scour the countryside and urban streets, harvesting live sounds for their…

Deal of the Week | August 8th, 2014: Compact Mobile USB Charger for $4.99

Compact Mobile USB Charger for $4.99Here’s a great little 12-volt mobile socket USB charger, small and inexpensive enough to keep in every vehicle.

It’ll charge your smartphone, your MP3 player, and most other small-ish USB devices. It glows blue when plugged in, so you’ll know at a glance when it’s doing its job. It’s normally 20 bucks, but as this week’s DOTW, you can get one (or two or five) for just $4.99 each.

Find out more…

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Deal of the Week | August 1st, 2014: Compact USB AC Adapter for $4.99

Compact USB AC Adapter for $4.99Think for a moment: How many gadgets do you currently own that are charged via USB?

iPhones and most other smartphones are recharged using USB. So are iPods, along with many cameras, electronic toys, and myriad other devices.

So it’s always nice to have another place to plug these devices into. And that’s where this week’s DOTWcomes in. This well-built, reliable, compact USB charger is also…

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Deal of the Week: July 25th, 2014: 10-in-1 Portable USB Card Reader for $5.99

10-in-1 Portable USB 2.0 Card Reader for $5.99THIS WEEK: 10-in-1 Portable USB Card Reader for $5.99 (reg. $19.99)

Access nearly any type memory card, including SDHC, microSD and more with this USB 2.0 Card Reader. One cool feature: it even has a built-in USB cable. With it, you can expect quick USB 2.0 data transfers up to 480 Mbps.

Not only is this a nifty card reader, it can also house up to nine memory cards – which makes it the ideal…

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Apple debuts OS X Yosemite public beta

Apple OS X Yosemite public beta announcedToday, Apple released a beta version of the next version of its Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite. Yosemite was announced and previewed at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June; the official release is slated for sometime this fall.

As Information Week says:

Participating in Apple’s OS X Beta Program — which is distinct from the Beta Seed Program for Mavericks — is free, but there…

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